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As an independent broker, we provide bespoke insurance solutions that protect from financial loss arising from legal and regulatory exposures as well as from a variety of operational risks.

The financial sector companies are our client focus.

Amongst other we design insurance solutions for banks, security dealers, and fundmanagers, (including private equity funds and hedge funds), independent asset managers, family offices, pension funds, investment holdings, and for financial intermediaries (e.g. representatives of foreign funds and fund distributors), as well as for FinTech firms.

Client challenges

The professional risks and its legal liability exposure of an asset manager towards its customers (i.e. investors) and other stakeholders have been growing over the past decade.

Investors expect that banks, asset managers or their investment advisors exert due diligence, good faith, loyalty and care.

When investors suffer losses due to a breach of fiduciary duties, compensatory demands are made and lawsuits are filed. Add to this regulatory enquiries and enforcements. If this was not enough, consider the complexity of working cross-border and multi-jurisdiction.

Whatever the client's challenges are, its risk profile determines the design of the solution.

Our Services

Your Benefits

  • Make 'low frequency but high impact'-risks become manageable;
  • Reduce the total cost of risk;
  • Satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Create entrepreneurial opportunities and enable their implementation.

Sharing information with our clients, suppliers and partners is the objective of this web-platform.

Having said that, a personal encounter is preferable.

We take time to listen, consider your context and seek the challenge.

Did we spark your interest? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our clients are experts at what their industry is. We are experts at how to design insurance programs and manage the insurance markets to bring about the best results.


Bespoke Insurance Solutions for the Financial Sector
Expertise - Client Focus - Independence

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